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P.S. 15

Reinald Reynoso

My name is Reinald Reynoso and I teach sixth grade Math at Whitney M Young School (P.S 15). I implemented the use of drones in my math classes.  The students were amazed and excited with the use of drones in the classroom! The implementation of drones allowed more student engagement and also served as a great incentive for students to do well in school.

Robert Arena
Evans Roache

My name is Evans Roache and I have been in the educational field for 17 years. I received my BA in Political Science from Hobart College and my MA in Educational Leadership from NJCU. I'm currently working on my EDD at Northcentral University. Currently I'm teaching 5th grade Math/Science at Whitney M. Young Jr. Community School. The students have had a blast this year and once the drones were introduced to the them, they became more energized. I have worked with drones for three years now, but this is the first year that I have incorporated them in the classroom. The drones are great tools to expand a student's knowledge base in the areas of Math/Science. I encouraged students to get mini drones and continue utilizing them at home to gain more appreciation and an understanding of the technology behind these great educational tools. 

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