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There were 8 schools and 23 teachers who participated in Cohort 1 of The Drone Project. There were 7 schools and 18 teachers who participated in Cohort 2 of The Drone Project. Click on the school link to meet the innovative educators who are committed to providing engaging lessons for their students.

Dr. Norma Fernandez is Director of Division B for Jersey City Public Schools. She promotes the use of innovative technology to increase student engagment in order to address achievement gaps and provide enrichment for ALL students. She is committed to providing ALL students the opportunity to acquire 21st Century skills.

Kimberly Crowley is a District Mathematics Supervisor for Jersey City Public Schools.  She encourages implementation of STEM and STEAM initiatives within her district.  Her goal is to guide administrators and teachers to use technology as part of project-based learning as a way to improve student engagement. 

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