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P.S. 8

Cohort I:
Cohort II:

My name is Rebecca Foster. I teach 1st through 5th grades at Charles E. Trefurt School, PS 8. With the use of drones, the past 16 months have been so exciting. My students have shown increased motivation and passion for mathematics. The drones have encouraged my students to reach new heights in their mathematical learning. 

Grade 5 Teacher @ Charles E. Trefurt Elementary. I attended The College of New Jersey, a long, long time ago...I have been teaching for fifteen years, most of it at the Fifth Grade Level. I personally welcome the drones as the ambassadors of our inevitable robot overlords.

Maria O’Donnell is currently a Math Coach at Charles E. Trefurt School (P.S #8). Mrs. O’Donnell is in her sixteenth year in the Jersey City Public School District. Prior to becoming a Math Coach, Mrs. O’Donnell was a teacher of the handicapped working with children with varied levels of academic ability. Using her experience in the classroom, she is aware of how using differentiate instruction promotes and increases student engagement for all students to reach their full potential. Throughout the year, Mrs. O’Donnell has worked with Ms. Millevoi’s kindergarten class and Ms. Ross’s fifth grade inclusion class. Mrs. O’Donnell believes using drones in lessons is a compelling way to engage students, especially in S.T.E.M concepts. Mrs. O’Donnell noticed that students are enthusiastic to participate in class, enjoy working together and are motivated. Teachers are excited as well because the drones’ lessons reinforce math skills and strategies to increase student achievement.

Hi!  My name is Gina Millevoi and I am very excited to be teaching in Jersey City!  You can call me a "late bloomer" as this is my first year teaching at age 48!  Today's child needs to always be on the move, and we need to teach these children in a different but meaningful way.  When I heard about the Drone Project I said this hands on approach to learning is for my class and future classes.  My class absolutely loved working with the drones.  I think they knew more about the drones then I did!  I found this experience to be worthwhile and my class was thrilled to be flying the drones.  Not only handling the drones, but they needed to work as a team to complete a task.   I found this to be very rewarding for the children as well as for me seeing them working together to complete and activity. I am so happy that I had this experience.   Thank you so much.  Hope you enjoy our pictures and video! 

Victoria Ross is a fifth grade elementary education teacher who is highly qualified to teach middle school science. She is currently in her second year of teaching within the Jersey City School District and works in a fifth grade  inclusion classroom. Victoria used the drones as both a motivational tool and a team-building exercise. Since using drones in her classroom, she has seen significant improvement in focus and behavior, particularly with her students with special needs. 

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