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P.S. 6

Nick Capodice, Principal
Joe Apruzzese, Assistant Principal
Click on the link to see P.S. 6 Green Screen Night
Cohort I:

My name is Wayne Creed, I teach 5th grade at J.W. Wakeman school (PS # 6.) I have been using drones in my math classes for the last six months. The students have loved and embraced the experience. I have never seen student engagement so high in my 13 years of teaching.

My name is Andrea Insogna and I teach third grade at J.W. Wakeman School, P.S. #6.  Over the past 15 years of teaching, I have experienced many changes in education. The drone project is the most innovative one to date.  It has had a positive impact on student performance, and allowed them the opportunity to collaborate with peers.  Most importantly, student engagement is at an all time high when the using drones in class.

My name is Gabe Ursic and I have been an educator in the Jersey City district for 12 years. Presently, I teach at PS#6.Drones have played a special role within the 4th grade Math class during the 2015-2016 school year. Not only has the classroom planning changed for the better, but student engagement and focus has dramatically improved because of drones.

Cohort II:

My name is Ruth Unterman. As a special educator for the past 15 years, my challenge is to maximize student learning by differentiating and adapting my teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles. This year, my students began coding using compatible software with the Parrot jumping drones. Coding has not only generated excitement, it has met the needs of my kinesthetic, math-logical, visual and verbal learners

My name is Michael Cardino, I have been teaching in Jersey City for 19 years. Using the drone in the classroom has been extremely effective in promoting student engagement as well as general excitement to participate in lessons. The students are always willing to immerse themselves into learning when the drones are used. The drones have definitely improved every aspect of the class. 

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