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P.S. 37

It is difficult for me to express how special the Drone Project has been to me.  The Division B Drone Team has put its heart and soul into the Drone project and as a result, the children of Cordero have taken part in an amazing learning experience. I am really proud to be part of this project for my professional growth and for the children's engagement, excitement and learning.  

My name is Anne Raitano, I am a middle school math teacher at Cordero School.

The students and I find the experience of using the drone in math exciting and fun!

It is truly amazing how all the students are engaged and eager to participate when we incorporate the drone into lessons.

I teach Science and Social Studies at Cordero School, and though some of our students have used drones outside of school, they still view them as an amazing piece of modern equipment. Having these drones allows us, especially in Science, to teach them about so many topics! However, the best aspect has been to see my students take what they have learned and teach younger students about these topics using drones.  

Amazing to see students growing themselves, while igniting interest in STEM from their younger peers at the same time!

My name is Melissa Lopez.  I am a 2nd grade teacher at Rafael Cordero School (P.S. #37). Throughout the year, we have been having fun flying a drone in class to learn and reinforce various math skills and strategies. The students are eager to participate, work together, and are super excited for math time.   Student engagement and motivation are soaring high with the drone.

My name is Alecia Rufino and I teach eighth grade math at Rafael de J. Cordero School in Jersey City. The drones have been instrumental in improving student involvement and engagement in the math classroom. The students are enthusiastic about participating and are fascinated by all the ways the drone can be used to learn. 

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