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P.S. 28

Cohort I:

My name is Contessa Iannitelli and I teach first grade at Christa McAuliffe School (P.S 28). This year I implemented the use of DRONES in my first grade math class.  The children were amazed and could not wait to start math! With DRONE technology engagement is at an all time high.

My name is Keisha Walker and I am a 7th and 8th grade math teacher at Christa McAuliffe School (PS # 28.) I began using drones in my classroom in January 2016. When my students heard that they would be working with drones, they were ecstatic. Their enthusiasm is evident every time we work with them in class. Overall, student motivation has greatly increased and now they can create their own ideas on how to utilize the drone in math lessons.  

My name is Patrick Roda. I teach Algebra 1 and 8th Grade Math at Christa McAuliffe School (PS #28).  My students and I have been working with drones since January.  Their engagement and excitement has been overwhelming.  From my experience thus far, using the drone in class is a perfect way to blend learning math and fun.         

Cohort II:

My name is Deborah Graziosi. I am a 6th grade Inclusion teacher at P.S. 28. Implementing the Drone Project was a challenge for me in a Language Arts/Social Studies classroom, however when I asked my students if they thought citizens should be allowed to have drones, the question spurred a discussion in our classroom that led to a writing exercise based on the practical uses of drones in today's society. 

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