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P.S. 25 

Cohort I:

We have Drone fever at Nicolaus Copernicus, PS 25! I am Shannon Williams and I am so excited to be using the DRONE in Mathematics with my fourth and fifth grade students.Students are excited, engaged and truly love flying their Drone as they complete Mathematics activities.

I am a third grade teacher with a majority of ELL students.  Understanding that a language barrier can cause students to disengage from the presented academic materials, I am always looking for ways to revamp my daily lesson presentation.  As important as student engagement is, incorporating 21st century skills is also a top priority.  Using drones creates a perfect partnership between increased student engagement and 21st century skill building.  Although it is not something that is typical in the classroom, this is what learning looks like TODAY.  Author Marc Prensky argues that children are learning about important “future” things, from collaboration, to prudent risk taking, to strategy formulation and execution, to complex moral and ethical decisions when they are interacting with computer games, drones etc.  It is clear that my class has developed their ability to critically think and collaborate since incorporating the drones.  Learning is happening, students are succeeding, and the excitement is palpable.  I am proud to be a member of the Drone Team!

My name is Kayon Wallace I have been teaching for 13 years. My class enjoyed the integration of drones with their math assignments. It made them more engaged and excited to learn. 

Cohort II:

"Drones, drones, drones!  When my class catches me open the drone box, they start to become super excited because they love flying the drones!  I teach inclusion and the drones can be used to be a class motivator for each and every student.  Students who might not excel academically can be the leaders of the class while maneuvering the drones.  Every student loves driving the drones and they are a great way to engage and motivate my students academically.  

Drones!!! That's all the students wanted to do. Students had a chance to write their own lessons, with partners and independently.  Not only did we incorporate drone-flying tasks during Math and Social Studies lessons, but we also created a club that met during recess. This week we'll be using the drones to find distances on a coordinate plane. If you want something to do, but can't decide. Come visit us at 321. We love to drone around!

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