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P.S. 23

Cohort I:

My name is Filomena Florio. I teach 6th grade math at PS#23.  I have incorporated the drone for multiple lessons this year in mathematics.  Whenever the drones are involved in my lessons, students seem more focused and determined in completing their assignment. I have seen positive student engagement with every lesson.

My name is Trish Kratz. I am a 7th grade math teacher at PS #23. My students loved working with the drone. They mastered flying it quickly! We included the drone in lessons on probability and central tendency. 

Cohort II:

Mark Florio- Served in the military Special Forces using self-guided drone technology when it was in its infancy. I have really enjoyed the way drones work in an LA classroom. We've used step-by-step instructions where the students developed enhanced collaborative skills by taking turns in the various "team" positions that were required. The drones offer real-world team-building experience for the students and greatly enhances their learning potential by immediately drawing their interest.

I worked with a 4th grade class and we used the drone to show equivalent fractions.  The students really enjoyed using the drone for this activity.  It was very interactive and held the students attention.  Everyone had a chance to find an equivalent fraction and also fly the drone to the fraction.  Even when the students were not flying the drone they were engaged and it was nice to see them cheering each other on as the student tried to land the drone on the correct fraction.  I feel the drone has created an environment where the students now feel more of a comradeship amongst each other.

My name is Michelle Duarte. I am a 4th grade language arts teacher at PS#23. My fourth graders have been enthusiastic and receptive of the drone. They ask daily to use the them. We have incorporated the drones in our writing plans writing informational and opinion pieces. They've learned the pros and cons to using drones and have applied their use to solving real world problems. Using the drone in my classroom has motivated my students to learn and we are grateful to have been chosen to participate in this project. 

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