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M.S. 4

Frank Roberts

I have been a teacher in Jersey City for 13 years. I teach Honors Algebra to eighth grade students at M.S. #4. I am also a girls basketball coach both here at M.S. #4 and at Dickinson High School.
The students here at M.S.#4 are invigorated by the use of the drones. They are not only excited by the thought of flying them, but are anxious to develop new ways to incorporate it into their learning. So far we have used it with the coordinate plane and slope, but I hope soon that together with the students, we will develop many new and exciting ways to use the drones in the classroom.

Vasti Castro

7th Grade - Math Teacher

Having drones in the classroom brings a new, fresh, and innovative way of learning.  Students are engaged, take ownership of what is being taught, and look forward to working together to achieve success.  The classroom becomes a creative center, students grow together, and have fun in the process.   

Linda Pratt

I am Ms.Pratt,  a mathematics teacher at MS 4 for the past five years.  Although I've not had the chance this year to actually use drones with my students, I've introduced the concept to them and they seemed to be very excited about it. That alone, is encouragement for me to embed drones my future instructions:) As a teacher, after participating in the interactive training sessions, I truly look forward to utilizing drones as instructional tools in my classrooms for the upcoming years.  I believe that drones will not only serve as hands-on engagement tools, but also as tools to develop lessons exploring various mathematical concepts!
 Can't wait to try them out with my students.  Hoping that some of them will be creative and motivated enough to come up with some lesson activities of their own!

Enzo Gonzalez
Sourika Sinprasith
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