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Enterprise Division

While the Enterprise Division was created to address the needs of a small group of lowest performing schools in the district, it has become a division that is moving forward. The Enterprise Division is comprised of 8 schools, 7 of which are located in Greenville and one is located Downtown. Of these 8 schools, there are 2 middle schools, 5 elementary schools, and a primary school. Within the division, 2 schools have been designated Priority schools (#40 and #41), 4 designated as Focus schools (#4, #12, #15, #24), and 2 schools as non-status (#14, #29). The student population for the division is approximately 4,700 students, with an ethnic breakdown of 61% African American, 25% Hispanic, 7% Asian, 6% White and 1% other. 89% of the students are classified as Economically Disadvantaged and 16% are classified as Students with Disabilities.

Three of the schools in the division offered Algebra 1 to 8th grade students (#4, #12, #24) during the 2015-2016 school year and this will continue this year along with #40 and #41. Of the 94 students who took Algebra 1, 61% met expectations while 9% exceeded expectations. #12 showed exceptional growth in Math in grades 6 and 7. 

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